Once the transportation hub of the Southwest, Union Station commands respect and inspires awe. Completed in 1916 and restored in 2008 for $23 million, this architectural icon showcases a range of unique spaces perfectly suited to serve every facet of your event.

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Wolfgang Puck Catering brings the best in cuisine and the most attentive planning and hospitality to any special occasion. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering at home or a black-tie fundraiser at one of Dallas’ landmark venues, we will work with you to produce a once-in-a-lifetime event. Our full service catering team has all the staff and equipment necessary for all off-premise venues, including historic sites and outdoor locations. Your guests will enjoy a dining experience on par with the world’s finest restaurants while every detail will be attended to in accordance with your exact specifications.

Wolfgang Puck Catering, known for bringing its world-class chefs and creative culinary experiences to create unforgettable weddings, is the exclusive catering team at Union Station in Dallas. This landmark venue is Dallas’s premier event space, featuring soaring ceilings, historic architecture, and an outdoor terrace with views of Downtown Dallas, Union Station is the perfect setting for your dream wedding. Add to this the experienced wedding planning professionals and chefs at Wolfgang Puck Catering and you get the perfect package for a perfect day. We will work with you to create an event that is as delicious as it is unforgettable. From fresh ingredient-driven hors d’oeuvres to dessert action stations and signature seasonal cocktails, Wolfgang Puck Catering brings thoughtfulness, creativity, and seasonality to your wedding.

Our Food is Serious Business approach to corporate event catering inspires creativity and collaboration so you can wow clients, celebrate success and build your team in a uniquely memorable way. Dallas is a perfect destination for corporate conferences and Wolfgang Puck Catering has the expertise and resources to bring your event to life at Dallas’ most impressive venues.

Conferences, Meetings, & Team Building

Our expert planners will help you redefine the usual meeting break and delight guests and colleagues with hands-on culinary activities, creative themes designed around your brand, and educational interaction with our world-class chefs.

Corporate Party & Holiday Party Catering

Celebrate your business’s accomplishments or treat your team to a celebration with specially themed menus, branded food and beverage, hands on activities, and the planning expertise from our top catering experts to make your event seamless and stress-free.


Wolfgang Puck Catering’s menus include seasonal fare as well as corporate, wedding and holiday offerings. Sample menus are for inspiration purposes, please inquire about personalized offerings and venue-specific menus to bring your vision to life.

Event Spaces

L x W x H: 126’ x 68’ x 49’
Sq. Ft.: 8,594

Banquet (10 per 72″): 520
Banquet (10 per 60″): 660
Reception: 1,000
Classroom (3 per 6′): 432
Classroom (2 per 6′): 288
Crescent (3 per 60″): 396
Theater: 800

L x W x H: 95’ x 17’ x 37’
Sq. Ft.: 1,615

Banquet (10 per 72″): 70
Banquet (10 per 60″): 80
Reception: 190

L x W x H: 129’ x 34’ x 13’11”
Sq. Ft.: 4,250

Banquet (10 per 72″): 290
Banquet (10 per 60″): 370
Reception: 500
Classroom (3 per 6′): 240
Classroom (2 per 6′): 160
Crescent (3 per 60″): 222
Theater: 450

L x W x H: 50’ x 34’ x 13’11”
Sq. Ft.: 1,700

Banquet (10 per 72″): 90
Banquet (10 per 60″): 130
Reception: 200
Classroom (3 per 6′): 81
Classroom (2 per 6′): 54
Crescent (3 per 60″): 78
Theater: 170
“U” Shape: 48
Boardroom: 40

L x W x H: 58’ x 34’ x 13’11”
Sq. Ft.: 1,972

Banquet (10 per 72″): 120
Banquet (10 per 60″): 180
Reception: 230
Classroom (3 per 6′): 117
Classroom (2 per 6′): 78
Crescent (3 per 60″): 108
Theater: 200
“U” Shape: 60
Boardroom: 52

L x W x H: 21’ x 30’ x 13’11”
Sq. Ft.: 630

Banquet (10 per 72″): 40
Banquet (10 per 60″): 60
Reception: 70
Classroom (3 per 6′): 42
Classroom (2 per 6′): 28
Crescent (3 per 60″): 36
Theater: 60
“U” Shape: 24
Boardroom: 22

L x W x H: 67’ x 23’ x 17’
Sq. Ft.: 1,541

Banquet (10 per 72″): 120
Banquet (10 per 60″): 120
Reception: 180
Classroom (3 per 6′): 105
Classroom (2 per 6′): 70
Crescent (3 per 60″): 72
Theater: 150
“U” Shape: 44
Boardroom: 37

L x W x H: 30’ x 15’ x 19’
Sq. Ft.: 504

Banquet (10 per 72″): 20
Banquet (10 per 60″): 30
Reception: 60
Classroom (3 per 6′): 30
Classroom (2 per 6′): 20
Crescent (3 per 60″): 18
Theater: 50
Boardroom: 22

L x W x H: 20’ x 17’ x 19’
Sq. Ft.: 367

Banquet (10 per 72″): 20
Banquet (10 per 60″): 20
Reception: 40
Classroom (3 per 6′): 18
Classroom (2 per 6′): 12
Crescent (3 per 60″): 12
Theater: 36
Boardroom: 12

L x W x H: 36’ x 60’ x 15’
Sq. Ft.: 2,160

Banquet (10 per 72″): 120
Banquet (10 per 60″): 150
Reception: 250

L x W x H: 36’ x 40’ x 15’
Sq. Ft.: 1,140

Banquet (10 per 72″): 60
Banquet (10 per 60″): 80
Reception: 170

L x W x H: 38’ x 17’ x 9’
Sq. Ft.: 646

Banquet (10 per 72″): 30
Banquet (10 per 60″): 30
Reception: 80
Classroom (3 per 6′): 60
Classroom (2 per 6′): 40
Crescent (3 per 60″): 18
Theater: 70
“U” Shape: 20
Boardroom: 17

L x W x H: 36’ x 19’ x 9’
Sq. Ft.: 684

Boardroom: 20

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5 Stats

Reviewed by Paige and Derek

We loved how open the ballroom was with its tall ceilings and large windows overlooking downtown Dallas. It felt like everyone could be apart of everything that was going on from where ever they were in the room. It felt really naturally beautiful to us without having to add much to it which we loved. They require you to use their catering which is Wolfgang Puck. It may be a little pricier than bringing in your own caterer but the food was seriously AMAZING. They were very easy to work with and communicate with throughout the entire process. I would definitely reach out to them for vendor recommendations because they have worked with a ton and can help you get good deals!”. View their wedding video here

5 Stats

Reviewed by Kristen S.

The staff was awesome, friendly and on top of their game!! Thank you, guys. Our event turned out wonderful – I’ll be back.

5 Stats

Reviewed by Candice

Everyone did such an amazing job and we will definitely be using you all for our future events. I have done wedding planning for 6 years and have never worked with caterers this professional. They did more than catering, they were the event. The staff went above and beyond all of our expectations. They were so professional and helpful the entire time.

5 Stats

Reviewed by P. Anderson

The adaptations to your menu that we requested were well executed and appreciated!

5 Stats

Reviewed by Emily C.

Every single thing I tried was amazing. I was so happy with the food. And that s’mores station was just unbelievable! I really cannot stress enough how pleased I was. Thank you!!